The theory of music never played a significant role in Alexander John’s works. Having produced music for a long time now, he has created his very own sound by an amplification of electronic sounds.

His years of composing were accompanied by the influence of Nils Frahm, Max Richter and Ólafur Arnalds. 

„The idea to implicate his own style has evolved over the years“, states Alexander. „There is a wide range of very talented musicians out there –- that’s why I started expanding the classic piano sound with electronic tones and other modifications.“ That very specific style has now found its own highly particular but nevertheless broad audience. 

As a pianist, Alexander appears in a broad variety of band projects, such as the „Levi’s Music Project“ based in Kassel, a city located in central Germany. In the past, he also had the chance to work with the world-famous group Milky Chance and perform on stage accompanying other artists like Drangsal, Megaloh and OK KID all over Germany.

„Making music with other artists is, as I believe, an essential part for the development as an artist. Every person you get to work with expands your musical horizon. Every kind of concert you perform at offers a whole new experience. It’s common for a pianist to perform alone on stage — that’s exactly why I strive to use every opportunity to play alongside other musicians“ Alexander explains. 

Nevertheless, his own music is extremely important to Alexander. „After all, music is something very intimate -– you open up to others and I hope that I can maintain an emotional connection with my listeners by incorporating my feelings into the notes I play. It has never been my intention to make a living out of music — to do so, I would have to adjust my works to a more mainstream sound. It’s simply a way to process and express my feelings, thoughts and even situations which I cannot put into words. Thus find a different and more effective way to cope with them.